Friday, 17 January 2020

Super Rocket launched

Volker von Mozart recently released a new EP with new housemusic and EDM tracks. Super bowl story is the title of this album. Listen to the work or decide to download the songs. Here it is! Super Rocket one title of this album

Hear the latest sounds now and find your style....

Friday, 17 May 2019

Singing Bowls by Henry Volt (Himalaya)

Singing Bowls by Henry Volt (Himalaya)

Henry Volt is the name of this musical project. Hear the tibetian singing bowls in an awesome house music album. Recently released in 2019 this music is outstanding and sounds very modern. With worldmusic items enriched to get an sounding impression of the himalaya mountain areal. Spiritual enlightment or yust dance music? However, listen now to Henry Volt!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Chill-Trap Music: Stars Album

Stars is the name of a new "Chill-Trap" music album  

Hello music lovers. Here I introduce the new music album "Stars", which will is to download since 28. 9. 2018. The concept album contains 10 new compositions of the musical genre Chilltrap. Experimentally, the fusion of chillout motifs and ambient synthesizer pads with trap / hip-hop drum patterns. I slowed down the beats until you feel a relaxed atmosphere while listening. That's why the motto: "Even a tired rapper wants to slow down after the dance party." Of course, with Chilltrap by Äthe. "So much is already revealed: The album Stars is available for download in the online stores soon available. On the other hand, Download means to treat yourself to a special experience. The concept album contains instrumental pop sounds of a special kind. The sound clouds are Dedicated to the planet in our solar system, in a musical way, because the individual planets symbolize the imaginative music themes on this cycle, We'll hear more on the day of the release.

  Stars by Äthe Chilltrap by Äthe

Description of Äthe´s Chilltrap songs: 

Äthe looks at the stars. Late night after a chic dance party in a club. Sitting in a car and waiting for the rising moon over the sleepy city. Do you hear the eternal sound of electronics? Beats and chords melted to a pumping rhythm and a musical trap hovered over the floor. Someone out there stepped into something. Of course, pop is always present, but Chillout and the psy-factor are searching a hungry brain. Immediately a shiny star is visible in the galaxy. This must be the planet where the Äthe lives. Next to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, and other candidates in the sky are waiting to be inspected by a sophisticated monkey. Does this future involve the discovery of human music, my friend?

Playlist with Titles, Length (Stars by Äthe)

1.  Äthe - Earth         IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:56   DEAR41813037
2.  Äthe - Venus       IBEATLE DANCE   00:04:52   DEAR41893465
3.  Äthe - Mars         IBEATLE DANCE   00:02:56   DEAR41870954
4.  Äthe - Neptun    IBEATLE DANCE   00:02:48   DEAR41834114
5.  Äthe - Merkur    IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:07   DEAR41871396
6.  Äthe - Uranus     IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:10   DEAR41851924
7.  Äthe - Pluto         IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:40   DEAR41848578
8.  Äthe - Moon       IBEATLE DANCE   00:07:39   DEAR41874706
9.  Äthe - Saturn     IBEATLE DANCE   00:09:20   DEAR41889524
10.  Äthe - Jupiter   IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:33   DEAR41867179

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

World Cup (2018 music theme)-Volker von Mozart

World Cup (2018 music theme)-Volker von Mozart

Recently, Volker von Mozart released a music track called: world cup (2018 theme). This song is contained on a compilation album titled: Die mega edm wm dance party. Yust look at the player at this website to get a sound preview.

The tune is ready for download at itunes store.

Now you can listen to the musical preview

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Zeppelin - This Bionemis

Zeppelin Music Album

This Bionemis has released a new music album called Zeppelin. If you hear the new compositions you will be astonished because of the outstanding tunes. Calm pads, dark ambient drones and chillhouse sounds that fly to the moon. Really good done and good luck to the future of this bionemis. Here you´ll find the audio player with preview music....

The aviation lounge

This was the former album, a great cycle of musical inspiration and spirit. Dedicated to the idea of special aviation music, this sounds cool. Made with empathy from germany.....


This Bionemis -aviation music

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Essential Music for Yoga

Meditation Music and Yoga Sounds

Here it is Fit for the spring, supple for the coming summer with music. This selection of chillout and ambient compositions is a lot of sound and adheres to the motto: Relax in the next session and prepare the goals. On the other hand authentic and with empathy for the psych component. Gravitation is not a magic word, musically it is now here long ..

Sound of new progressive well music

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Monday, 21 May 2018

Studio for electronic waves

Toccata d-moll von J.S.Bach in Electro fever of new sounds. Brandenburg Concerto No.1, of course. The studio for electronic waves is an album release by Volker von Mozart. Take a tour to the electronic stars.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Mydeu - Regenbogen (Musik-Ballade)

Mydeu - Regenbogen

The music ballad of Mydeu is a song from the current album titled: Tyrannosaurus Rock. We love it and appreciate the cultural journey.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Rock Music by MYDEU - the latest track now on

Tyrannosaurus Rock

Tyrannosaurus Rock is the name of the current release by Mydeu from Germany. Take a look to the audio preview player and try it out. The compositions sound vocal and some phrases poetically. Even chill with the power of chillrock music.

Super Rocket launched

Volker von Mozart recently released a new EP with new housemusic and EDM tracks. Super bowl story is the title of this album. Listen to ...

Wolf Auto is the name of the fresh musical artist, providing you with fine electronic music and electro sounds to chill or to dance, house or ambient.