Chill-Trap Music: Stars Album

Stars is the name of a new "Chill-Trap" music album  

Hello music lovers. Here I introduce the new music album "Stars", which will is to download since 28. 9. 2018. The concept album contains 10 new compositions of the musical genre Chilltrap. Experimentally, the fusion of chillout motifs and ambient synthesizer pads with trap / hip-hop drum patterns. I slowed down the beats until you feel a relaxed atmosphere while listening. That's why the motto: "Even a tired rapper wants to slow down after the dance party." Of course, with Chilltrap by Äthe. "So much is already revealed: The album Stars is available for download in the online stores soon available. On the other hand, Download means to treat yourself to a special experience. The concept album contains instrumental pop sounds of a special kind. The sound clouds are Dedicated to the planet in our solar system, in a musical way, because the individual planets symbolize the imaginative music themes on this cycle, We'll hear more on the day of the release.

  Stars by Äthe Chilltrap by Äthe

Description of Äthe´s Chilltrap songs: 

Äthe looks at the stars. Late night after a chic dance party in a club. Sitting in a car and waiting for the rising moon over the sleepy city. Do you hear the eternal sound of electronics? Beats and chords melted to a pumping rhythm and a musical trap hovered over the floor. Someone out there stepped into something. Of course, pop is always present, but Chillout and the psy-factor are searching a hungry brain. Immediately a shiny star is visible in the galaxy. This must be the planet where the Äthe lives. Next to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, and other candidates in the sky are waiting to be inspected by a sophisticated monkey. Does this future involve the discovery of human music, my friend?

Playlist with Titles, Length (Stars by Äthe)

1.  Äthe - Earth         IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:56   DEAR41813037
2.  Äthe - Venus       IBEATLE DANCE   00:04:52   DEAR41893465
3.  Äthe - Mars         IBEATLE DANCE   00:02:56   DEAR41870954
4.  Äthe - Neptun    IBEATLE DANCE   00:02:48   DEAR41834114
5.  Äthe - Merkur    IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:07   DEAR41871396
6.  Äthe - Uranus     IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:10   DEAR41851924
7.  Äthe - Pluto         IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:40   DEAR41848578
8.  Äthe - Moon       IBEATLE DANCE   00:07:39   DEAR41874706
9.  Äthe - Saturn     IBEATLE DANCE   00:09:20   DEAR41889524
10.  Äthe - Jupiter   IBEATLE DANCE   00:03:33   DEAR41867179


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